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Jay Tee's

Private Tours of Japan

Private small-group walking and public transportation tours of Kobe, Osaka, and Kyoto.

Select one of nearly 20 basic tours, or pick a "free" city tour, where you and I decide together how you will spend your day in town.

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Important information about
Jay Tee's Japan Tours

****New tea ceremony experiences from June 2024!
For an additional fee of 4500 yen per person, you may add an hour-long "Tea Ceremony Experience" to any of my tours in Kyoto. I recently made an arrangement with a lovely Kyoto tea house to provide custom experiences IN ENGLISH for my guests! These providers teach you everything you ever wanted to know about how green tea is grown, ground, brewed, and enjoyed. —You get to try it all yourself!— 
However, this tea house is so popular I must call to verify the day and time with them in advance... Once I've locked in your time, I'll send a Custom Tour, combining your original tour choice plus the tea experience fee and extra time. *****

My unique, small-group walking tours of Kyoto, Kobe, and Osaka reflect my own quirky personality. An entertainer and teacher, I'm a bit of a showman during my tours, and I will talk a bit about myself and my background. I enjoy meeting people from all places and of all races.
I support Ukraine. LGBTQ+ friendly!

While not superstitious, I am fascinated by monster, ghost, magic, and horror stories. I am drawn to the Japanese versions of these tales, as Japan gives unique twists to their history and superstition. Many tours include tidbits about these fascinating cultural nuances.

These walking tours provide a focused and PERSONALIZED experience for my clients. My typical tour will try to introduce you to lesser-known sites, unknown secrets, cultural curiosities, and local Japanese foods, while showcasing the most unique features of an area. There may be a significant amount of walking, but rest assured that the walking pace and frequency of rests will be tailored to your needs. Everyone has different physical abilities and preferences, and I strive to keep the experience comfortable and enjoyable for all.

Kobe has been my hometown since 2007, and I have explored Kyoto and Osaka countless times. Each city boasts unique architecture, music, cuisine, and attractions well worth exploring. Whether strolling bustling city streets or venturing well off the beaten path, you'll have opportunities to experience new and exciting destinations within my adopted home, as I share my discoveries with you!

I've never been a specialist. But I've been a barista, a scuba diver, bookstore manager, a Federal officer, a forklift driver and many more. (Coming to Japan in 2006, I added part-time university/corporate English teacher.) A certified therapeutic hypnotist since 2000, in 2014 I began comedy hypnosis shows for corporations and on cruise ships. I've entertained audiences as large as 6,000 people, with up to 40 volunteers on stage at once. I do online hypnotherapy, as well.

Specialization—me? Here on Tours By Locals, I 'specialize' in providing local walking tours that are enjoyable and educational. While happy to offer recommendations and suggestions, I'm really not a multi-day tour planner. My primary focus is creating memorable moments through unique and immersive one-day tours of my own design.

Exploring historical areas, I offer my personal perspective. Rather than reciting history (best left to licensed tour guides), I provide a more personalized and engaging experience.


Important notes about me and my tours:

1) I don't plan all-day/multi-day tours. Please check with other TBL guides for those. I'm really not a tour planner; I focus on creating unique, short tours of the oddball, side spaces I find, enjoy and know best.

2) I don't do tours that rely on an automobile or taxis. My tours are centered on walking and the use of public transportation. Parking here is awful, and road traffic often slower than walking and taking a train. Japan boasts exceptional transportation, so we utilize trains, subways, taxis, buses, ropeways, cable cars, and trams.

3) Sorry, but vegetarian/vegan food is difficult to locate here, especially if combined with gluten-free or other requirements. Very few restaurants can handle requests to change any menu item, and vegetarian restaurants are often not successful. Not many Japanese restrict their food intake, and restauranteurs haven't any financial incentive to adapt.

4) My tours DO NOT have a fixed Itinerary. They ARE NOT planned in detail. Tour descriptions are a mere guide. Since I'm a local, we'll talk about and plan the day when we meet. I can and probably will adjust and switch things around as we go. Places in Japan sometimes close without warning! If this happens, we'll go do something else!

5) Have a larger group, special requests, etc. —Let's set it up. I design custom tours, and there is NO fee for that. (Go check out my "—— Free Tours.") Special requests and new ideas inspire me to create future tours for others. Japanese food, culture, architecture or history—What interests you most? Talk to me about your idea! Your ideas help my business, whether or not I end up giving you a tour.

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