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Training, certifying, and monitoring the ethical behaviour of Hypnotherapists and Stage Hypnotists
from India to Japan, and now far beyond

An ethical, collaborational, and information sharing associative

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“The person who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”


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About the Asia Hypnosis Association

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Founded by its President, Professor Jay Tee (of in 2006, the AHA has trained a number of hypnotists and is responsible for increasing the acceptance and expanding the understanding of hypnosis in the public awareness, across Asia and beyond.

Our goal is to work together, to train each other to help others, and to hold each other responsible for being good to all people. We are most interested in ensuring consistent and ethical therapeutic care through providing excellent training and by monitoring and giving feedback on the performance, actions, and public reputations
of all Association-registered hypnotists.
If necessary, we will call out our hypnotists and take them to task for their ethical breaches.


We are also concerned with maintaining good relationships between those who use hypnosis purely for its therapeutic aspects, those who utilize it solely for its entertainment aspects, and the increasing number of young, excellent hypnotists who do both simultaneously.

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If you found this page  seeking hypnotherapy, please click the appropriate image links below, which will connect you to qualified, certified AHA members providing fine online therapeutic services:

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AHA provides certification programs in therapeutic and entertainment hypnosis, both face-to-face, and increasingly via online platforms and interactions, in this COVID age.

Only AHA trained hypnotists are eligible for AHA membership, and all AHA members must agree to and abide by our ethical code. Violations may result in retraining or expulsion.

Suspended or expelled former members of AHA will remain listed publicly below on this website for an indefinite period. This is a condition known and agreed to by every potential AHA member before accepting their membership.

Want to get certified in hypnosis? Looking to take some of the best training available in hypnosis?
Please ask us by email or using the form.

Thanks for sending a message to AHA!

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Suspended or Expelled AHA Members

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