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Life After Smoking


Smokers always feel that smoking helps them in getting rid of unhappiness, stress, boredom, anxiousness and loneliness. They think that if they can't smoke, they will not be able to deal with all the new time they have on their hands.  Also, most smokers feel that they will put on weight after quitting cigarettes.  Alternatively, some smokers may feel they work better after taking a quick smoke, or won't be able to enjoy social situations and parties without smoking.


One must merely look at "big data" to see how much better life can be as ex-smoker.  In America, more than 30 million Americans have quit smoking and are leading healthier lives.  How are they able to survive?  Their lives must be horrible without cigarettes, right?

Not at all. These happy nonsmokers now understand the disadvantages of smoking. They went through the painful withdrawal symptoms of nicotine. Still, they managed all the pain. They fought not only with the physical addiction, but also with the psychological addiction. They were able to do it, why can't you?

They are enjoying better ways of dealing with stress.  They are enjoying lower risks of lung cancer and heart attack, among other diseases.


It depends on the ex-smoker, whether he or she decides to smoke again or not, or merely falls to temptation.  It can be hard.  You may fail at completely quitting cold turkey.  But once you realize how great life can be without cigarettes, it can help make you stronger and help you follow through on your decision.


Therefore, all ex-smokers have two choices, either to quit completely or to start smoking again. It is useless to be an occasional smoker, as it still harms you.  The decision is yours.

Hypnosis helps you quit by removing the physical withdrawal symptoms and by stopping your unconscious from "reminding" you to smoke through the 'bad habit' mechanism. This erases the psychological addiction that has truly been in control of your smoking life for many years.



Stop inhaling that shit, already.

Our certified Smoke-Free specialist will meet you online via Skype or Zoom. They will run you through powerful unconscious processes, and your bad habit will be reprogrammed into a good habit in less than two hours' time. 

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You Can Quit Smoking

Giving up a habit that has become such a big part of your life certainly takes toughness, and is not easy.  Cutting down on such a large intake of anything can be difficult.  For instance, imagine your doctor tells you to cut down on sweets and you just love sweets and eat them all the time.  It's no different with smoking.  It's a hard thing to do.  You are so used to the taste, to the feeling, to everything about it that controls you.


You may feel like Tom Cruise and that this is Mission Impossible.  It's true, stopping smoking can be an incredibly difficult and possibly one of the most difficult things you do in your life, but life was made for struggle.  It's all in your mindset.  If you have a determined, positive outlook, you can accomplish just about anything in this life.  The only thing one need is to determine to quit it at any cost. If you just determine that you are going to make this big change in your life for your health and for your family, you have already won half the battle.


It is quite possible that you may fail on the first try.  Statistics show this to be true.  However, remember that the number of times you will try to stop smoking will only make you stronger and more determined for the next time.  You can do it, as many have done it before you in just the same way.


To get rid of this habit is a difficult task to perform, as you have come to need nicotine, without even thinking about it.  When you smoke, nicotine sends chemicals to the brain from which the smoker gets a nice, relaxing feeling.  This is one of the things that hooks you.


Sometimes, experts advise that if you just cannot stand the withdrawals, you should wean yourself off of nicotine, slowly.  It may drag out the process longer than it should really take, but it can prove to be the best way for some.  Not every way works for everybody.  It is slow but an effective process in getting rid of the smoking habit permanently, for those who need it. There are several products available on the market that can replace nicotine, such as nicotine patches, e-cigarettes or nicotine gum.  Apart from all these options, another tactic, if you have the fortitude to handle it, is to quit cold turkey.


It can be hard to change the habit.  You are used to smoking every day and taking smoke breaks with coffee, at work, etc.  Often, for someone who has tried and failed to quit before, the best thing to do is to decide a proper date that you will become a nonsmoker. 


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"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment"